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The International team singing Kazakh folk song "Dedim-ay, au!" 

Views: 306 | Added by: Хасият | Date: 04.05.2015 | Comments (0)

International scientific-practical conference “AUEZOV READINGS – 13: “Nurly zhol” - the strategic step towards industrial – innovation and socio – economic development of the country”  

The International Team was invited to take part in the International scientific-practical conference “AUEZOV READINGS – 13: “Nurly zhol” - the strategic step towards industrial – innovation and socio – economic development of the country”   South Kazakhstan State University.

Some members of the International Team represented the school at the conference's plenary session and main part. 

Prakash Naidoo, the International Deputy Prin ... Read more »

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From the 26th of March to the 1st of April 2015 the Internation team held professional development courses on "Critical Thinking" and "Team-teaching" designed for teachers assistants of our school. 

The program of the courses   
  • Introduction to Team Teaching
  • Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking in Lesson Planning
  • Lesson Planning for Team Teaching
  • Protocols of lesson observations and giving feedback
  • Observing Team teaching
  • ... Read more »
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     The week entitled, “Unity through Diversity” at our school was filled with activities and events for both students and teachers alike. One of the contributions was the delivery of a professional development presentation on critical thinking skills. More specifically, a PD on Thinking Routines was delivered on their use both in and out of the classroom to develop good reasoning habits which boost lifelong learning.

     Though teachers who attended the “Critical Thinking” PD had backgrounds in diverse subject areas, they each profited as the techniques discussed are useful in many areas of student life. Critical thinking skills are essential on an everyday basis in the approaches we adopt towards decis ... Read more »

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Having been an English teacher for 25 years, I believed I had done and seen it all. How wrong I was! Although I knew that I would be team teaching at NIS, as I had been asked about my  previous experience during my skype interview, I really didn’t know what or how much of it to expect. My feelings when I learned that I was going to be co-teaching each and every lesson with a local teacher varied from apprehension to a stoic optimism that I could handle it, since I’ve handled so many other difficult situations in my career.

There are many forms of what is termed team teaching. The two that I was familiar with from the US involved a special education teacher sitting beside a student or students in the classroom while the lesson is in progr ... Read more »

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It is been more than 3 months now since I started to mentor some of the local teachers I work with, and so far the experience has been very grateful.


As I posted in my previous article since most of my local teachers were new in the subject I decided that the best way to help them would be preparing all their Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities for the first 2 terms. It has been a big challenge since a lot of extra work fell on my shoulders. Nevertheless I think this approach was helpful.

Along with this, another way to help them improve their teaching skills has been do classroom observations and video recording before giving them feedback. 

... Read more »

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Shouting and being rude can be educational and fun.

Shakespeare, is in my opinion, one of the greatest, if not THE greatest English playwright and poet. He has enriched the English language beyond measure. He has an amazing understanding of the human spirit and creates characters who seem so realistic and believable whatever the time and place. His works have been translated into countless languages and his plays are regularly performed all over the world more than 400 years after his death. If you have never seen one then I urge you to do so as soon as possible.

I have taught Shakespeare’s plays for the last sixteen years and each time I find something new about them or better still, one of my students makes an observation during a lesson or in an essay which stops me in my tracks a ... Read more »

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The primary goal of our lesson was to teach grade 9 (G9) the basics of conservation of energy in a memorable way.  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can change forms; and some energy is wasted when changed from one form to another.  For example, friction changes some kinetic energy into heat, motors produce noise, and some machines even produce light.  Heat, sound, and light are common ways that energy is wasted as a machine operates.

In the case of a pendulum, there's also air resistance: some of the initial potential energy is lost as the pendulum bob (i.e. the pan hung from a thin rope in the video) collides with air molecules, transferring kinetic energy to them.  As a result, when the ... Read more »

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Planning Effective lessons

In todays society education has a complete new meaning. It no longer judges students on how much and how quick they can memorize or how many marks they score. Its about gaining the skills to understand right from wrong and having the knowledge you need to progress and contribute positively towards the society you belong to. It helps students develop their prospective on the world around them and pushes them to think creatively and conceptually about all the subjects they study. Education helps student’s process the information they receive on a daily ... Read more »

Views: 433 | Added by: Хасият | Date: 26.11.2014 | Comments (0)

My historical background: I am American by citizenship, but I was born and raised in Burundi, Africa. After living and working in America for over 18 years, I moved to 

Bahrain as a Mathematics Teacher at Abdul Rahman Kanoo International. After two years in Bahrain, following a friend’s piece of advice, I applied for a teaching position to Nazarbayev Intellectual School (NIS), and I have been working at NIS Shymkent (Physics and Mathematics) for the past one and a half months. Below is a short account of my day-to-day life here in Shymkent.

My very first impression is that Shymkent has some of the nicest people I have ever met: everyw ... Read more »

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